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About Us


The IQNOVA equals Smart Innovations, in short – IQnovation (TM SM).

The IQNOVA Technologies Canada Ltd is privately owned company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada. Our focus is creating of strong intellectual property (IP) portfolios for our clients, and development of products in area of our expertise (automated QA, embedded & wireless electronics).

Our cost effective IP services are perfectly suited for start-up and mid-sized high tech companies located in Greater Vancouver, BC, Canada.

In your Greater Vancouver’s office, we can provide you with various intellectual property services like:

  • Patent education for your employees;
  • Creation of internal, corporate intellectual property procedures;
  • Intellectual property strategy development;
  • Patent mapping with constant monitoring of what your IP competitors are doing;
  • Employees mentoring to become better innovators and to generate ideas;
  • Prior art searches, patent application drafting and correspondence with patent offices;
  • Management of your corporate IP files;
  • We can fortify existing or act as your own IP council.

Essentially, our goal is to maximize your shareholder’s return of investment with development of respectful intellectual property portfolio.  And last but not least, your IP files will be handled by our associates (patent lawyers, agents, former patent office examiners and paralegal) that can be at your service.

Milosh Koprivica, MElEng, President/CTO and Founder

Milosh Koprivica is born in former Yugoslavia, Serbia. His passion for innovation was discovered at a very young age and he has won many awards. He has patented his first innovation at the age of 14. He has been inventing for over 40 years and his innovations are used in products which sales is currently exceeding 3 billion USD. He is an author of over 20 patents.

He has finished Mathematical Gymnasium, Belgrade, Serbia (a special high school of national importance for talented students of math, physics and computers) and has graduated at the University of Belgrade, School of Electrical Engineering. After his move to Canada, he has worked over 10 years as Chief and Principal Engineer for some of leading wireless and embedded electronics companies.


Nikola Tesla Award

The highest national award for innovation in former Yugoslavia, Serbia, 1981

Seven Secretaries of SKOJ Award

For innovation, Croatia 1981

Science and Technology Award Day of Youth

Serbia 1983

Radio 101, the First Prize Winner for Software / Hardware Innovation

Awarded with the personal computer back in 80s, Croatia 1985


Some of our innovations

USPTO 7,136,929 Broadcast in a wireless communications system

A reliable data communications protocol for the broadcast of long messages over a noisy medium, such as a frequency hopping communications link with multiple interferors.

USPTO 6,687,239 Method for dynamic channel allocation in a frequency hopping radio system

A method of dynamic channel allocation in a frequency hopping communications system is disclosed providing improved efficiency and reliability.

USPTO 8,531,998 Communications apparatus and method to avoid interference

A technique for time domain avoidance of communications link interference sources characterized by intermittent, periodic short bursts of energy.

GBPTO 2,396,534 Dynamic channel allocation in a frequency hopped communication system (UK patent example)

During the course of communications between a plurality of transceivers over a frequency hopping wireless communications link, a transceiver begins evaluating the performance of each channel in the hop sequence, starting at a fixed point in the sequence.

CA 2,346,618 Method for avoiding interference in a digital communication system (Canadian patent example)

A technique for time domain avoidance of communications link interference sources characterized by intermittent, periodic short bursts of energy.

YU49481 Light-Operated Electronic Lock (former Yugoslavia patent example)

An early innovation from 1981, patent issued in  1983.

Have an idea? We’re here to help you to protect your intellectual property